James Island Post 147- Phone- (843) 795-3415


    August looms as a planning month and a time to ready our Post for a busy winter season starting with two
September events. On September 11th we will pay homage to all the victims of 9/11/2001. It has been twenty
years as we remember our countries loss of life and property in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania
at the hands of terrorists. More details on this event will be included in September’s newsletter and it is hoped
you can clear your calendar and join us on Saturday, September 11th. Our country demonstrated its fortitude in
the aftermath of these attacks – lest we forget.
    September will also be a joyous occasion as we celebrate the 70th birthday of our Post on September 25th. It
will be a gala event with family-friendly offerings beginning at 2:00 P.M. and progressing into the night with
several events. The theme will be “ Luau” and promises to be a memorable time. Complete details will be included
in September’s mailing. For the present, we are establishing a “Post 147 70th Birthday Commemorative
Wall” in the canteen. To have your name, or the name of a dedicated individual, inscribed will be $70.00. Subscriptions
can be mailed to the post or confirmed, directly, in the canteen. We will begin this process on August 1st.
    August events are being planned and will appear on the website and on the post bulletin board in the canteen.
We will endeavor to have at least two Saturday night offerings as we accommodate vacation schedules.
Keep in mind that we are accepting membership renewals for all Legion constituencies and our Adjutant, Joe
Teders, has established October as the target month to have Legionnaire Members at 100%. Let’s make it happen!
The book swap remains active within the canteen, and we have approximately two hundred titles available.
    Our transportation service is also available, and the housing option is operational. There are several walkers on
hand and can be obtained for the asking. A mint condition chair lift for a van or SUV remains on site and this
comes with an installation/operational manual and locking mechanism. Let us know if we can help.
Hopefully, you can stop in during August and enjoy the cool air of the canteen, have a meal, play pool,
cornhole, or just the camaraderie of our members. When at the Post, please be mindful of the parking and avoid
parking in the yellow striped areas. We have well defined Handicap Areas, but if you don’t really need to use
them, please leave them for guests and visitors who may have a greater need.
Stay safe and enjoy our South Carolina summer.

Steve Driscoll, Commander